Change comes to all

The play testing for Crusaders had that nagging feeling that the game lacked something, a greater strategic capability in battle. 
I came to the conclusion that separating the deck into the 6 types of cards, Weapon, Item, etc would add greatly add to the strategy players could employ. 
Each card type now carries an individual cost to draw. This means you’ll have access to all card types through out but won’t be able to draw them without a greater plan to pay for it. 
The current values are only placeholders and may need to be adjusted as time goes on.
The six spaces to the right will be each card type pile. The spaces to the left will be the ones used to show cards in play. 

The former space for the main deck is now the space for cards removed the game. 
Play testing is on going but this change added needed complexity and strategy for a story driven battle.

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