A Problem of Numbers

When this current rework of the game began, a count of card types and effects was completed and the numbers were not good. The game was badly skewed in the direction of a certain card type (cough, cough, Skills). With the remaining slots in this set and the newly opened ones that have been created due to removal for future sets, all new cards are focused on Armor, Accessory and Item cards.

Rethinking the Game

The reworking the Crusaders Card Game has undergone has meant quite a few changes. Recently, during development, two patterns emerged from the older cards that pointed the way towards how the game should be presented and what expansions ought to be composed of. This meant that certain cards were removed from the first set in anticipation of being part of future sets, leaving openings in the remaining cards. For the next several posts, we’ll be listing cards that were created both to fill those spots and balance the game for a strong initial release.