So Close!

One of the very last cards to receive it’s artwork is The Dragon Scale Armor. It’s a potent and indispensable part of decks for players with lower HP. Harder hits are reduced to lower levels and can even force an opponent to change strategies and withhold larger attacks and rely on ones with smaller damage attached. A late addition but a strong one. 

A Heroes Armor

Finally , the hero’s answer to the Cursed Blackened Armor. It will allow heros to maintain their efforts and take advantage of lulls in battle.The HP recovery is powerful but the Armor’s damage reduction will let the recovery of health go even further. 

As Promised 

The artwork is trickling in. This artwork as a last minute choice became a preview card for a forthcoming set in the Crusaders line. The artwork is greatly inspired by a popular Japanese cartoon.

The armor’s goal is to reach a greater damage output sooner and end stalemates or catch unprepared opponents off guard. This is of course hopefully before it KOs you first.