A Silly Oversight

Setting the Warriors from set one was difficult. It was ambitious to have so many and so an equal number are dear to my heart over years of writing. This may be why I never questioned why a character who was not in the first book of the series made into our first set. Seeing an issue but feeling the weight of a late game swap, I located a character who would fill the same space as The Jackal and not cause any issues to the current card pool. Below is our newest addition to set one. More to come!

Without a Story..

Crusaders represents about 20 years of writing for me. I started out writing the story in notebooks in largely finished it many years ago. But it was written by a kid and needed a lot of work if it was going to become what it needed to me. I spent the last few years building up the 1st book in the series and am preparing it for becoming an E book online. This is the 1st manuscript I delivered for editing. When the editing is done you’ll be seeing this online and ready for each person to share in the story.

Black and White

I am a firm believer in describing good guys and bad guys, good and evil in black and white terms. Writers who spend so much time making every character shades of gray stump me. Stories that set up heroes to be heroes and vice versa for villains are the most intriguing to me personally.