The Story

Welcome to the world of Crusaders: The Crystal Dawn.
It is a world filled with magic, action and adventure a. In this, the first chapter of the series, the Crystal Dawn, a mysterious force gave rise to an armored monster known as Drakkus. In a brief three year span, he spread his wicked rule over the known world. Every army is crushed in line because Drakkus’ army is not an army of men, but an army of monsters.
In the last great battle of the war, a single kingdom, the Ural Kingdom, and its current ruler, Edwin stood in defiance of Drakkus’ iron fist. All the surviving warriors from the other destroyed kingdoms gathered there for one last great battle. Drakkus brought his full force down on this last act of desperation. The war was lost and many perished. Edwin himself was captured and cursed to become a monster. A living death.
In the heat of battle, a warrior named Ro’ Arn stood up to fight Drakkus one to one. Ro’ Arn had already made the decision to send his infant son away, carried by his closest friend, Cutter. The man and the monster clashed in a climactic battle. Only Drakkus emerged.
Cutter did not witness Ro’ Arn’s end but he knew that no one could have beaten Drakkus at that time. Ro’ Arn’s last wish was that Cutter train the child Arn to become a warrior great enough to destroy to turn the tide and destroy Drakkus forever.
Cutter kept his promise.
Everyday since he could hold a sword, Cutter has trained the young Arn to fight. In time, Cutter grew to love Arn as his own son but for all the love he felt, there was and face the same struggles that he and his father had and one day, Drakkus himself.
The thought of losing Arn to Drakkus as he lost Ro’ Arn was a great burden for Cutter. He never let Arn know just how afraid he was. Cutter’s intense meditation has revealed glimpses into a dark future. He has seen that Drakkus’ evil will unleash a greater horror than anything previous, the Crystal Dawn.
This event will doom mankind and free some darker force into the world. He’s also seen impressions of Arn leaving the monastery and with the help of other warriors, striving against Drakkus’ forces.
If the visions can be believed, they have the power to cleanse the blight that Drakkus brought upon man. Cutter received this last vision of hope a day before Arn’s eighteenth birthday and had no choice but to send him out into the world.
He tested Arn’s skill before he departed.
A small comfort as that the boy had absorbed everything he’d been taught. Cutter sent him west and counseled him not to fear anything that followed. Arn obeyed but felt the world empty without his master. The journey is Arn’s and the other men who’ll travel at his side will be found without fail. He begins his journey knowing only to head west.

Crusaders: The Crystal Dawn© is the story of a small group of adventurers on a quest to stop a shadowy force from destroying mankind. The trading card game is built around the battles from the quest and can be either one on one battles or teams of heroes and villains squaring off.

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