Troktiko, the Bounty Hunter

Troktiko hunted Thunderhawk after he and his brother’s first battles with the Black Heart. He hunts Thunderhawk both out of duty to his profession but also the thrill of besting a warrior as great as the giant bronze man himself.

Troktiko plots and schemes to avoid physical confrontations, preferring to wait for the best chance of taking has quarry down  and not die in the process.

0010 Troktiko.jpg

The Black Knight has Appeared!

The Black Knight is the cursed form of King Edwin. Losing the war meant something worse than mere execution for former monarch.

Chaos, Drakkus’, sorcerer cursed Edwin and his surviving soldiers to live on as undead malformed versions of themselves.

Edwin ruled and lived by the strength of his clear and focused mind. To taunt him for eternity, he was made to become a violent blood thirsty undead soldier, protecting no one and harming any who enter the ruins of his former castle. 0009 The Black Knight






To be a Villain

The Jackal is set to appear in set 1 of Crusaders ccg. He had to be rebuilt from the ground up. His attacks were largely luck based and lacked strategy. This was the opposite of the character in the book and needed quite a bit of an update to better reflect the Jackal’s skill and instinct as a veteran warrior.

These will be posted later today.