Climbing Back to the Top

Filling empty spaces does have a pleasant side. Crusaders was at one time missing cards types common to other trading card games. Cards that draw cards don’t always fit the mold of Crusaders’ flow of battle. A card that makes it easier to draw cards in a hard spot was a welcomed addition however. Extra Pocket has been a hit among play testers and stands to be a string step towards completing set one.

0072 Extra Pocket

Space… Enemy or Friend?

Recent development work in Crusaders has yielded unexpected results. We had already discovered that imbalances had been built over time, but space is a new frontier of ironing out issues in the game.

At one time, it was expected that only 12 total openings were left for fine tuning but with certain cards being shifted out for future expansions, a total of 18 slots have been opened. This number reflects new additions added.

These spaces were once considered a tight and even constricting limitation but with so many slots open now, the space is almost too many to fill.

In the end, these spaces will go towards making the game better and this mild delay will only result in a more fun, stronger experience for players.

Back Filling

With the open spaces left from moving out cards that no longer match set 1, we have our first of the replacement cards. Ring of Corruption fills in the gap of not enough non “Skill cards” and gives villain characters the chance to carry a unique card capable of swinging the game in his or her’s favor as soon as its played. It slows down the opponent’s plan by increasing Magic Point costs, draining away Courage to stop the opponent’s from attacking at all. A likely include in almost all villain decks.

0063 Ring of Corruption

A Problem of Numbers

When this current rework of the game began, a count of card types and effects was completed and the numbers were not good. The game was badly skewed in the direction of a certain card type (cough, cough, Skills). With the remaining slots in this set and the newly opened ones that have been created due to removal for future sets, all new cards are focused on Armor, Accessory and Item cards.

Rethinking the Game

The reworking the Crusaders Card Game has undergone has meant quite a few changes. Recently, during development, two patterns emerged from the older cards that pointed the way towards how the game should be presented and what expansions ought to be composed of. This meant that certain cards were removed from the first set in anticipation of being part of future sets, leaving openings in the remaining cards. For the next several posts, we’ll be listing cards that were created both to fill those spots and balance the game for a strong initial release.


This Saturday saw the development team meet again to further refine the mechanics of the Crusaders card game. Certain cards that had defied to be reworked were finally clarified during this session. A working play set is near at hand.