More than one way to win…

Crusaders is going to see a major change in the near future. This change should have been built into earlier versions of the game but better now, before it’s released. 

Play testing has yielded inconsistencies in battles. Some are very short and seem one sided. Others are so long that they are sometimes not even finished at all. 

A solution is badly needed to get the game to be  balanced. 

Enter my own past in other card and board games. Multiple options to win a game is something that is common enough but was not included prior. an opportunity to fill this gap  get games consistent, and add a bigger dash of story into the battles had to appear. 

Enter Herioc and Villainous Feats. These are a list of actions and situations that occur in a game, unique to each character, that score points. When a player has achieved a certain amount of points, he or shw can win the game without KO’ing your opponent. 

This alternate means will allow long games to meet a natural conclusion and not stall out. Characters who are a bad match up against other characters will allow them an alternative means to claim victory. 

Details to follow!!!

The Last… For Now…

The last card to get it’s  artwork is Desolation. It will grant villain decks new card draw and fits a very specific llay style. It represents a villains moment of gloating over a weakned hero. The villain even pulls his punch just to let the hero contemplate what will follow. It will allow villains to gain and keep momentum for continued assaults and break stalemates from cards placed in play. This will make a strong utility card to fit and villains ego .