A necessary evil 

As the rules of the game change to become complete, we will see some areas that never had any clarification take shape. Case in point, the exact nature and timing of attacking had to be defined. It now appears as follows:

Attack / Use Skills / Use Items

• You may choose to attack your opponent.   • Choose an attack from your Attack List. 

• If any Abilities or cards in play affect your                    Courage and MP costs, apply them before                        you pay the Courage costs of the attack                    you’ve chosen. 

• Your opponent may then play cards  or                other effects here that would increase or                decrease your Courage and MP costs.

• Pay any Courage and MP (Magic Points) 

                You may use Skill cards at any time during                      this step.

• Use any Abilities or other effects in play                that require a cost to pay and pay any costs                for these. 

• Make any calculations affecting final dam                -age including any Weapons, Armor, Ac                cessories or Medallions in play. 

Any and all calculations are done in the following order:  

Multiply, divide, add and subtract.

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