An Excerpt…

“You must at all costs abandon this reckless course,” The ghostly face of his compatriot is twisted with anger and grief. 

“There must be a reckoning. He has to suffer and die for his crimes!” Hex rasps at the ethereal form before him.

“You deserve more than revenge Hex. If you kill him, the keys to be loosed from this prison of the soul are lost to you.” 

“My will to avenge you and put him down into silence forever is what I’ve held onto, how I’ve survived again and again. You’d ask me to abandon that? To abandon your memory, to let you go unavenged for all time?” Hex lets out a deep breath that exits like a frustrated growl.

“We all die. Don’t follow into the next world with these chains fastened to your soul my brother. From here I can see them plain. They will weigh you down to a cost you don’t yet understand.”

“There has to be justice!” Hex barks at Fen.

“There will be. In this life or the next.”

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